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Visiting Alaska


So you are flying into Anchorage renting a car and going to visit our beautiful state of Alaska. Well as for living here all of my life I can tell you that you had better be prepared for our climate because realistically we only have two seasons , three months of summer ( June, July, August) and that average temp is around 55 degrees.

If you want to call it spring that would be in May and around 42 degrees and the fall in September averages around 48 degrees the rest of winter is around 28 degrees. Basically anytime you come here to visit just bring your winter gear and you should be perfect for our weather dress in layers including raingear, you can always take some off but if you don't bring it you cant put it on. I can not tell you how many times I have had to donate my jacket to a shivering client, so do yourself a favor and please be prepared. Warm socks and Columbia hiker type shoes will be ok for your feet.

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