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Hello this is me : Dan L. France III better known on the river as  "The Herder"

I started guiding fisherman in 1993 when some of my friends and fellow guides asked me for some help with the clientele they were getting. It has been a huge amount of satisfaction and fun helping others fulfill many of their life long dreams, helping children as well as handicapped or elderly people catch the salmon of a lifetime. I was born here in this little town of Soldotna in 1965 before there was even a hospital,  just a clinic. I have witnessed many changes here in my life but still am inspired by owning my own business and to enjoy being a great guide to others. The name Salmon Herder came when one of my best friends and I were fishing for coho salmon in late August  and I had a big one on the chase of a spinner but could not get him to grab it , I yelled downstream to Randy "get up here and bring some eggs (roe)" where I had him thow it out in the middle of the small stream, as I lured the silver salmon with the spinner to his floating ball of roe the monster salmon inhaled the roe and the fight was on! Randy landed the 20lb coho salmon and instantly started  calling me the Salmon Herder so when I started guiding he made sure that was what my business name had to be.



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