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Coho (Silver) Salmon: 

$250.00 pp plus 3% sales tax

No Guided Coho fishing charters on Monday`s on the Kenai River in August, September or October


August - September - October

Coho or silver salmon fishing on the Kenai River can be incredible with fish averaging 8 to 15lbs they are an acrobatic fish with plenty of fight. The runs start in August with a limit of two salmon and the September run has a limit of three salmon. The most common technique for fishing these is anchoring the boat and using salmon roe or plugs and occasionally we throw spinners for them as well. On even years there are an abundance of pink (humpy) salmon mixed in with the silvers making it non stop action. A great fishery for the kids as well as us adults. The daily bag limit is 2 Coho per day in  August and 3 per day in September and October.















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male humpy (pink) salmon

caught only on even years

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