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Boating Etiquette

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

Kenai River trips can often be very eventful as the amount of boat traffic especially in July is very hectic with boats running upstream and downstream full throttle leaving behind a boat wake for you to have to grab and help balance your client during their battle of a nice king salmon. Then when the dip netting season begins the amount of boat traffic instantly doubles and all boating etiquette goes right out the window , I have never seen such a free for all at times on the river. I have had on more than one occasion almost been hit by another boater generally hauling dip nets and charging right through a hole full of boats back trolling instead of going around them running past me at rods length. So when your out on the river during this time of fish frenzy and chaos please help out your captain by keeping extra eyes on your surroundings and other boaters for him it will be extremely appreciated ! People please try to use a little proper boating etiquette while on the Kenai River and when you see a net up in the air slow down and pay attention to where your going or if there are a bunch of boats in an area fishing do not assume that it is the deepest part of the channel and that needs to be the path of travel.

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